Faculty Director, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation; Associate Professor, EECS

Björn Hartmann is Faculty Director of the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, a new undergraduate teaching institute focused on hands-on, human-centered design. He also co-founded the CITRIS Invention Lab, equipped with digital fabrication and rapid prototyping tools, that serves as inspiration and test-bed for many research projects.  An Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Hartmann’s research in Human-Computer Interaction focuses on novel design, prototyping, and implementation tools for the era of post-personal computing. His group investigates how better software and hardware can facilitate the exploration of interactive devices that leverage novel form factors and technologies (e.g., sensors and actuators) and how software can help students, designers, and makers to learn and share their expertise online. Björn Hartmann is a Qualcomm Faculty Fellow and ha received an NSF CAREER award, Sloan fellowship, and Okawa research award. His group has received multiple best paper prizes at top HCI conferences like CHI and UIST for their work.

Dr. Hartmann completed an MSE in Computer and Information Science as well as Undergraduate Degrees in Digital Media Design and Communication from the University of Pennsylvania in 2002 and received his PhD from the Stanford Computer Science department in 2009.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Design Innovation for the Internet of Things 2 days August 6, 2018