Global Technology Leaders Program

This course builds on the experience and expertise of our world-renowned faculty to educate emerging leaders on the opportunities and challenges of global engagement.


October 25, 2018
8 weekly classes


The fast moving competition in technology-based businesses requires knowledge of markets and optimization of resources across the globe. Enterprises need to understand the latest in technology trends and keep abreast of how the newest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and robotics are entering markets across the globe. They also need to know that they are maximizing value to the shareholder as efficiently as possible, whether it is through expanding into new markets, partnering with international competitors, or obtaining better resources to fit their product and service needs.


This program is valuable for executives and engineering leaders needing to understand the factors involved with engaging and expanding to international markets.  Participants include leaders of matrixed international departments and product management, regional and country general managers, as well as business development and strategy officers responsible for exploring global engagement.


  • Evaluate global market opportunities
  • Enhance business models with global operations
  • Negotiate profitable, sustainable partnerships
  • Develop best practices in operating across time zones and cultures
  • Leverage global partnerships for increased innovation
  • Optimize financial strategies for global enterprises
  • Technology trends and recent examples of companies in:
  • US robotics ventures in China,
  • international competition in the drone market,
  • introduction of biomedical devices in Indonesia,
  • establishing low-cost communications networks in India and Africa,
  • challenges of outsourcing software development and managing global customer service operations,
  • product portfolio decisions in India,
  • managing large-scale infrastructure projects in Brazil, and
  • partnering with foreign entities entering the US market.


The Global Technology Leaders program builds on the UC Berkeley College of Engineering’s world-renowned faculty’s global experience and expertise to educate emerging leaders in technology firms on the opportunities and challenges of global engagement and expansion.

The program takes its executive students through the early stages of opportunity recognition in the exploration of new markets and potential partners to the challenges of operations and sustainable success. Content includes new technology trends and insights from recent global ventures in Robotics and AI, AR/VR, Internet of Things (IoT) and biotechnology.

Additionally, sessions will include industry practitioners who share their experiences and tools on addressing some of the most frequently occurring challenges in everyday


This program includes: tuition and class materials, parking, and a light supper. Two-hour class sessions will be held one evening per week for 8 weeks.


UC Berkeley Campus: Building TBA

Total program tuition: