Commercialization of Disruptive Technology

A program in commercialization of disruptive technology such as IoT and AR/VR, for those seeking to understand the business impact and opportunities of the latest emerging technologies.


1-3 years

Joint Certificate Program:


Commercialization of Disruptive Technology

What is the program?

The Berkeley Engineering Executive and Professional Education Program at the College of Engineering, and UC Berkeley Executive Education at the Haas School of Business are collaborating to create a program which combines the breadth of knowledge of two of UC Berkeley’s strongest academic institutions.

The program leverages the strengths of both units to guide participants seeking to understand, build, or expand a business driven by the latest disruptive technologies.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives responsible for bringing new technologies to market.
  • Engineers leading teams in bringing new technologies to market.
  • Entrepreneurs looking for start-up ideas or tasked with the creation of new market opportunities within a company.


The Commercialization of Disruptive Technology Program provides participants in depth exposure to the latest disruptive technologies, understanding of the impact of commercialization strategies and appropriate leadership skills.

The program is presented by faculty of UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering, the Haas Business School, and Silicon Valley industry experts. The goal is to enable participants who are tasked with revitalizing an existing business, seeking to build a new business, or expanding into new markets both domestically or internationally, with the knowledge and tools to succeed in their endeavors.


  • Provide participants an understanding of disruptive technologies.
  • Develop the business skills related to these new businesses opportunities.
  • Enable participants to identify commercialization possibilities of disruptive technology.
  • Develop leadership attributes needed to bring innovative ideas to fruition.
  • Opportunity to work with both faculty and industry experts during the program.
  • An optional capstone project to develop a practical plan to implement new disruptive technologies.

How does the program work?

The program is designed as a collaborative model between UC Berkeley and Industry.

During the program participants will complete the following

  • Five (5) courses of faculty-led instruction.
  • An optional capstone project to integrate materials covered and actualize ideas into tangible next steps, including a detailed go-to-market plan.

What programs do I need to take?

Participants will select programs from three categories; Leadership, Disruptive Technology and Commercialization.


Gain critical leadership and communication skills to advance your ideas and business.

Participants select one (1) program:

  • Positive Leadership and Innovation
  • High-Impact Leadership
 Disruptive Technology

Development of a successful product by leveraging new technologies.

Participants select any two (2) of the following programs:

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
  • Design Innovation for the Internet of Things
  • Industry Applications for the Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning (coming soon)
  • Big Data (coming soon)

The skills needed to bring a new product to market.

Participants select any two (2) of the following programs:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Financial Analysis for Leaders
  • Negotiations and Influence
  • Product Management
  • Corporate Business Model Innovation
  • Communications Excellence
Capstone Project

An optional project that provides guidance and feedback on the participant’s detailed go-to-market plan to move forward with new disruptive technologies within their own work environment

 Program Cost

Program cost will vary based upon courses selected. Range of cost is $21,400 – $27,785.


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