IoT Week


Faculty Director, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation; Associate Professor, EECS
Industry Fellow, Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology; Professor of the Practice, Brown University


Come join us for a week-long intensive focused on the Internet of Things! Two programs over five days will cover business, impact, design and innovation.

Courses may be taken consecutively as a block or separately.

Get a 10% discount by registering for both programs here!  Or register for a single program using the links below:

Cost: $7,200 for both courses (5 days)


The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the concept associated with devices becoming connected as the cost of sensors and connectivity continues to plunge. Connected devices can be as simple as a toaster signaling its status, or as complex as a jet engine streaming real-time updates during flight. More than 50 billion IoT connected devices are expected by 2020.


Industry Applications for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already transforming how we live, work and interact with each other.

All companies will be impacted by the use and deployment of IoT one way or another; strikingly similar to how the Internet impacted all businesses in the late nineties.

This program focuses on the technologies behind IoT, it prepares participants to understand what the Internet of Things is and the potential impacts it can have on a business.

The program reviews IoT business strategy from theory to implementation, describing how key decisions are made and how to avoid pitfalls. It will use actual case studies reviewing how industry leaders are deploying the use of the Internet of Things in industry.

Design Innovation for the Internet of Things

Advances in design are often intricately interwoven with advances in fundamental technologies, and the most iconic products excel in both areas. This two-day program provides a framework for thinking about the co-evolution of design and technology, with a focus on emerging trends in the Internet of Things.

Leading faculty from the College of Engineering will lecture on IoT topics, explaining how this emerging technology is changing the product and service landscape from the body to the city, and why a human-centered design approach is essential in deploying new technologies successfully.

Industry experts will complement faculty-led sessions with case studies illustrating these concepts. In workshop sessions, participants will have a chance to bring ideas together through rapid prototyping.


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