Custom Programs

Custom Programs

For any business, employees are your greatest investment.

Your engineers’ continuing education is a crucial part in making sure you are able to innovate products and services while responding to marketplace competition and anticipating customer needs.

We design customized programs in partnership with you, to respond specifically to your requirements. Offerings range from short workshops offered on the Berkeleycampus to multi‐session programs offered at times and sites convenient to you.

Sample topics include:

  • Disruptive technologies: Augmented and Virtual Reality, Design Innovation for Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies,  Internet of Things and many more!
  • Leadership for women engineers
  • Global teams and communication
  • Design innovation and product development
  • Large-scale project management
  • Social impact of technology
  • Portfolio management and risk analytics
  • Green manufacturing
  • Flexible-enough, customer-segmented, data-driven, risk-optimized supply chains