Current course offerings in Disruptive Technologies:

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

The AR/VR course is designed to facilitate understanding of key industry terms and trends, their impact on your business and new opportunities for growth.

Commercialization of Disruptive Technology

A program in commercialization of disruptive technology such as IoT and AR/VR, for those seeking to understand the business impact and opportunities of the latest emerging technologies.

Design Innovation for the Internet of Things

This two-day design innovation course provides a framework for thinking about the co-evolution of design and technology, with a focus on emerging trends in the Internet of Things.

Industry Applications for the Internet of Things

Through IoT use cases, this course will enable you to understand new technologies taking shape and help you create a plan to capitalize on the latest developments.

Contact us for more information on additional courses under development in the following disruptive technologies:

• Cybersecurity
• Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
• Data Analytics
• Design Innovations for Manufacturing