Engineering Leadership

Theme 10: Engineering Leadership

Now more than ever, innovative companies require engineers who can be technical experts as well as strategic managers and directors. The next generation of leaders will need a unique combination of technical horsepower, entrepreneurial ability, and business judgment. This theme readies technical professionals for the next step in their career by augmenting their analytical skills with proven business methodology and techniques. Our recently updated syllabus reflects today’s challenges. These micro-courses help rising tech leaders innovate under adversity, enabling innovation that matters now.

Engineering Leadership Microcourses

E298S: Engineering Leadership Speakers Seminar

E296MAS: MAS Capstone Project (may be taken more than once)

E295S: Communications for Engineering Leaders

E291A: Introspective and Authentic Leadership

This course provides the framework for personal leadership development. The class comprises
three parts: (I) Exploration of your leadership journey; (II) Discovery of your personal leadership
style; and (III) Development of a personal leadership plan. Topics include identification of
personal crucibles, moral compass, ethical decision-making, conflict resolution, navigation of
difficult conversations, positive psychology, growth mind-set, teamwork and development of
personal leadership plans. Students engage in weekly reflections, introspective exercises and
small group discussions.

E290AS: Introduction to Management of Technology