What are Micro Credentials?

In higher education, a microcredential is also called a microdegree. For example, a micromasters is a credential focused upon a specified professional or career discipline and typically comprises multiple microcourses.   Microdegrees are a single manifestation of Competency Based Education (CBE) which seeks to tie credentialing to specific skills sets. Microcredentials, including microdegrees act as a pointer to the criteria for and demonstration of the skills represented by the microcredential.  Because the credentials are presented in a digital format, they can be parsed automatically for verification over the web and allow for a greater level of granularity than a  traditional paper transcript. Microdegrees meet the criteria for Open Educational Data defined by the U.S. Department of Education. They are key to lifelong learning, whereby people learn throughout their working lives. If you would like to learn more about micro credentials, feel free to follow this link for a more detailed description given by the National Education Association.