Global Technology Leaders Program


The fast moving competition in technology-based businesses requires knowledge of markets and optimization of resources across the globe. Enterprises need to know that they are maximizing value to the shareholder as efficiently as possible, whether it is through expanding into new markets, partnering with international competitors, or obtaining better resources to fit their product and service needs. The Berkeley Engineering Global Tech Leader course builds on the UC Berkeley College of Engineering’s world-renowned faculty’s global experience and expertise to educate emerging leaders in technology firms on the opportunities and challenges of global engagement and expansion.


In this program, students will learn how to:

  • Evaluate global market opportunities
  • Enhance business models with global operations
  • Negotiate profitable, sustainable partnerships
  • Develop best practices in operating across time zones and cultures
  • Leverage global partnerships for increased innovation
  • Optimize financial strategies for global enterprises.


The course takes its executive students through the early stages of opportunity recognition in the exploration of new markets and potential partners to the challenges of operations and sustainable success. Instructors include UC Berkeley faculty and industry practitioners to provide best practices from empirical studies, examples from case studies, and insights from individual experiences and successes


This program is designed for leaders and emerging leaders who want to:

  • Learn about technology trends and market opportunities in different regions
  • Understand the challenges of cross-border teams
  • Understand the factors key to an enterprise’s global success.
  • Learn negotiation styles and skills essential for successful, lasting international partnerships
  • Learn how to maximize innovation through global teams
  • Understand global financial strategies and avoid financial and legal challenges
  • Learn how to leverage international resources for development, production, and logistics.


Taught over 5 weeks in weekly 3-hour sessions. All materials included with tuition.


UC Berkeley Campus: Space TBA

Total program tuition:


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