E203: Design and Evaluation of Modern experiment for Engineers and Executives

As an engineer or researcher you may be often called upon to conduct measurements, and report the results in such a manner that the data and its uncertainties can be understood by any other skilled professional. If you are a modeler, your validation usually depends on proper and constructively critical reading of such data. As a manager or executive you may be required to evaluate experimental proposals or data reported by others. Either way, one can benefit from having a firmer grasp of the material. Questions we work to be better prepared to address include: How do you cost effectively improve the experiment? How can you find a defect in real time in additively manufactured part? How to characterize droplets for making QLED screens? What new techniques are coming to benefit your industry, and how to evaluate if they are worth the cost? With experience from proposing, managing and evaluating experiments with shoestring to multimillion dollar budgets, your instructor will discuss measurements from review of fundamentals, present anonymized real-world cases, and conclude with discussion of new and upcoming state-of-art techniques of practical relevance.