E224A: How the Brains of Animals Work?

All animals live very diverse and distinct lives and hence might have varying requirements from their brains. In this course we will delve into the mysteries of animal behavior and explore what is in their brains that allow them to function as optimally as they do. This course will provide students with an overview of the classical neuroethological approaches taken by neuroscientists to make the most foundational discoveries in the field of neuroscience (many of which have been subsequently awarded the Nobel prize). Students in this course will learn about the basic properties of brain function and how these are implemented in the nervous systems of a variety of species. Understanding these basic building blocks of brain function will provide students with an understanding of how a complex system, such as the brain, functions and could (if they wish) move on to implement these ideas and principles in a variety of technologies approaches (as is currently done throughout industry). Importantly, students will understand how to think of brain computations and enrich their knowledge in basic academic sciences. This way of thinking extends far beyond brain function and can have a positive impact on students’ creativity that would aid in any organization they end up working in.