E245C: Structural Fire Engineering

This course is focused on the design and assessment of structures subjected to fire. The course material emphasizes a 3-phase approach to structural-fire engineering: (1) fire modeling, (2) heat transfer modeling, and (3) structural modeling. Students will become familiar with both current prescriptive approaches to structural-fire engineering and emerging performance-based design approaches. Students will be able to appreciate several important topics related to performance of structures under the effect of fires. Topics are: 1) Model & simulate combustion & heat release for indoor & outdoor fires, 2) Perform heat transfer analysis for conduction, convection & radiation to calculate exposed structural elements temperature, 3) Develop material response for steel & concrete structural elements to fire, 4) Calculate mechanical response of structural elements & assemblies exposed to fire during expansion & weakening due to increasing temperatures, 5) Implement design approaches to mitigate the effects of fire on a structure, and 6) Understand current codes, standards & emerging technologies in structural fire engineering.