E216C: Sustainable Design of Solid Waste Landfills: Stability and Settlement Considerations

This micro-course will aim to educate students and engineers of practice on two critical design and operation aspects of Municipal Solid Waste landfills, namely their stability and settlement behavior. Stability of landfills is critical to ensure the safe operation of the containment facilities and the minimization of adverse impacts to the environment. The principles that govern the design of landfills for stability will be covered, followed by a presentation of the methodologies to be followed, important considerations when performing stability analysis, and finally lessons learned from such failures. In addition to the stability of landfills under static conditions, the methodologies to analyze landfills for seismic conditions will be considered. The third module of the course will focus on the settlement behavior of Municipal Solid Waste, which is critical to ensure the functionality of landfill components such as the cover system and the gas control system that control biogas leaks to the environment, as well as the post-closure development of the landfill. Models used to estimate landfill settlements along with appropriate properties of the waste materials, and methodologies to collect settlement data in the field will be presented.