As one of the world’s top engineering schools, we understand engineers and what they face moving into leadership and organizational development roles.

Berkeley Engineering Executive and Professional Education (EPE) cultivates an integrated perspective through our range of offerings and by working with you to develop customized education programs tailored to your engineers’ needs.

We draw on the talents of our world-renowned faculty — industry innovators with real-world experience as entrepreneurs, heads of R&D, and other industry experts — to create targeted programs focused on applying ideas. Many of our offerings include hands-on projects that make participants’ learning both tangible and executable upon their return to their organization or workplace. We create and deliver educational programs that suit the demands of your business: in content, length, and location.

Our graduates include professionals at many organizational levels: from mid-career engineers to CEOs, CTOs and CIOs​.

Upcoming Programs & Events

Digital Transformation in the 21st Century

The Digital Transformation revolution is well underway. Providing targeted employee training will ensure your organization will have the tools to meet the 21st century marketplace.


Leadership and Organizational Behavior

There was a time when a successful leader would only need to have a depth of knowledge of their chosen field or discipline. Today’s leadership roles require more than just technical competency. Offered as individual modules or complete module packages.